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Adding landscape lighting to your property will make you realize the value it brings to your existing landscaping and home. Lighting will allow you to enjoy your landscaping and home improvements into the evening hours as well as the daytime hours.

All of our fixtures we use are solid brass with stainless steel lamp sockets. This construction will protect against corrosion and rust which is a common problem with other fixtures. Each lighting design is customized to fit your landscaping while taking into consideration future plans, such as having the flexibility to add more lights. In addition to beautifying your property with landscape lighting, statistics show a well lit property on your home or office is a great way to prevent crime.

Creating the perfect outdoor environment and adding safety for your home and family are the obvious benefits of adding outdoor landscape lighting. This however should also be viewed as an investment to your home the same way adding a second bathroom will help increase the value of your home. Having the right curb appeal is the first impression for a potential home buyer which can be the difference when trying to sell your home in this competitive market.

Low Voltage
Landscape Lighting